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Welcome to Engnz !!

We glad you interested in what we offer. LOVE, PASSION, HARDWORK,EXCELLENCE & PERFECTION  iis simply what Engnz stands for. Its is a promise that we will engineer solutions out of given projects and will not compromise on drawbacks. Wanna know why? Coz we  are Engineers.We are scientists. We are EXTRAORDINARY MINDS , Solving Lifes biggest challenges, one awesome mindblowing Idea at a time. And with large Petabytes of Love.

Timothy Wahome, M.D , Engnz TL

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Our Big Four


Talk of Statistics and Data? Then you are just 10% closer to what we do. Engnz develops algorithms and the infrastructure to analyse collect, Stream, analyse and provide intelligence realtime. AI is our key concern. and We actualize it.

Loopy Dev

You got ideas and worried about getting the Right team to actualize this? We got you. From Android to IOS development, Backend to Cloud Setup and Deployment, from Hardware to Software.. We choose the platform and language, you get your product done. And Now, introducing HeartWare.


This is about coming up with Mind-Blowing  ideas to help take this planet to the next level.  With Experience of 5 years in the field, we promise to provide our best to you cause you are the BEST. IOT and System Architecture Desgin is now Open.

Idea Growth

Many have Ideas, some can develop them, a few can take it to production and barely any can grow the idea with time like Engnz. 

What the whole package? Engnz is here to Help.

Engnz Payments

From Mpesa,Equitel, TKash to PesaLink, Bank,Visa/MasterCard Apis,
All this in a snap..

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Let's do an intergration for you

Thinking of having a payment system in your application? 
Want a framework that has almost all payment integration in one bucket?
How about you looking for Realtime, Robust, Easily Scalable Solutions?
We've got you covered.

2. Machine Learning Cloud, Kinesis Streams
3. Cloud Provision on AWS, GCP and Digital Ocean


Looking for AWS solutions?  With over 3 years experience in the field, and expert programming skills, we offer scalable solutions to our clients in a dynamic and creative framework, advising on best architecture for specified solution. 
And guess what.. Consultation is FREE for Premier Clients.
1. Compute Services
2. Networking and Security
3. Machine Learning Deamons
4. ..much more

We do nothing less that quality Systems

We strictly don't do simple solutions. We have invested in providing services to the Big Thinkers, High Risk takers and Trustworthy clients. Hence to us, talk about what frameworks to use, what platform to use, Development period is small talk.
1. Engnz offers a full package. All Programming Skills.

Laravel, Node, Python, Web, React, Android, iOS, Java Communities onboard.

2. We offer solutions, not just ideas. And solutions in this case is a full package that you can just take our there and start.


Internet of Things

With our experience in creating reliable backend systems and awesome frontend applications, we have opened our eyes to the world of IOT and have done several projects in location tracking and content sharing in mind-blowing areas. 
For this, we are PROUD TO LAY OUR ARCHITECTURE TO AWS  incharge of the networking in a glance, iOT scalability and with engineers to help develop custom IOT solutions.

"I believe IOT is the Next Big thing. Leave alone AI", (Timothy)

NB: Google just launched their android Platform to accomodate easy IOT design and development in the same and integrate them with Mobile Phone.


Timothy Wahome

No Pressure,No Gold


Gabriel Kamau

Code is Poetry

"No matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain never bows to it."

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"You are definately here coz you want something. Want to know how Big Engnz is,
Talk to us"

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